10 good reasons why men should take up Yoga

4th February 2015

10 good reasons why men should take up Yoga
Yoga is open to anyone, you don't need equipment and age is no barrier. Although the majority of students are female, a growing number of men are attending yoga classes to help relieve stress and improve muscle flexibility.

Here are just a few reasons why men should regularly attend a yoga class.

Increase the flow of oxygen in your body

Yoga helps improve the flow of oxygen into your system with each breath, increasing the body's ability to function properly and perform at its best. Yoga exercises help expand your lung capacity and generates more oxygen into your body, giving you more energy throughout the day.

Helps you gain more energy

Yoga energises your body, with more oxygen flowing through your body coupled with a good workout for your heart, you will see an improvement in your cardiovascular system. This will re-energise your body over time and lower your blood pressure. With more energy you can get more things done and still have enough left to enjoy life.

Yoga increases your shape and muscle strength

Regular yoga practice will help you improve the shape and strength of your muscles. Yoga allows you to get the same muscle-building benefits of a weights workout in a gym by performing long, extended push-ups, squats, and leg lifts. The results are well-worked muscle groups, which get stronger with each class, meaning a better body shape and less trips to the gym.

Yoga improves flexibility

Want improve your tennis game or golf swing? Yoga can improve your flexibility and avoid injury. By regularly practising yoga poses you will move better and feel less stiff or tired. Yoga works by stretching your muscles. Over time you will feel the benefits of improved flexibility and possibly a better golf swing.

Strike a better pose

No more droopy shoulders, no more slumping at the computer. Yoga helps develop your core muscle strength, therefore helping to improve your posture. Stronger more flexible muscles lead to better posture. Yoga exercises open and relax the upper and middle back, as well as the neck, chest and shoulders, all of which will help you counteract shoulder slump and help you stand straighter.

Reduce the stress in your life

Stressed out? Feeling overwhelmed? Your mobile phone is ringing, your boss wants to talk to you and your partner wants you to walk the dog. Yoga helps you chill out and relax. Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation helping you feel calm by managing stress and anxiety. So now walking the dog is a joy not stressful.

Yoga can lead to a better memory

Forgot where you left the car keys? Can't remember the contact you met at the conference last week? Yoga can lead to a better memory, mostly because it is improving the flow of oxygen to the brain. Plus it trains the mind to focus and push out random thought's and confusion. A better memory and a more focused mind will pay dividends in the boardroom.

Mood Enhancement

What's so important about your mood? Everything! Find a happier place with yoga. By improving your energy levels, posture, strength and flexibility your on your way to becoming a happier, friendlier person. So why not do something to improve your mood and join a yoga class.

Better sex

Want a better sex life? By taking up yoga you'll improve your stamina and flexibility, add in less stress and before long you will be experiencing a renewed sex life.

Yoga Classes for men

Now you're convinced, the next step is to find a yoga class in your area. Look for a beginners yoga class or mixed ability yoga class. Contact the instructor or studio and book yourself in. Some offer men-only yoga classes but generally they are mixed sex. With thousands of yoga classes to choose from there is bound to be a local yoga teacher or studio near you. Use the class finder on this page.

Follow the more information link below for more benefits of yoga, and to search for yoga classes near you.
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