5 Pairs of ToeSox to be Won!

6th November 2017

5 Pairs of ToeSox to be Won!
Yoga Class Near You has teamed up with Yoga-Mad to offer you a chance to win one of 5 pairs of ToeSox this November! These incredibly popular socks are gaining more and more prominence on the fitness scene.

What are ToeSox?

ToeSox are the latest form of fashionable athletic footwear for Yogi's!

Tired of losing your balance because of a lack of grip on the slippy yoga studio floor? ToeSox grip socks can help you with that, giving you grip when you need it most.

Concerned about going barefoot on sweaty, well used surfaces? ToeSox provide your feet with a hygienic barrier between your feet and the floor!

Getting cold feet in your yoga classes as the winter weather closes in on us? Keep your feet nice and toastie, yet free from sweat, with a pair of breathable ToeSox.

They are both fashionable and functional! Wear them at home or at a yoga class - you won't want to take them off!

Benefits of Wearing Yoga ToeSox

ToeSox unique five-toe design allows the entire foot to perform naturally, encouraging the toes to separate and activate the muscles in the feet. They help to increase dexterity, tactile sensitivity and awareness during any activity. ToeSox help strengthen the muscles of your feet allowing for better circulation, balance and posture. Plus, they are hygienic and practical, keeping your feet warm during normal barefoot activities, whilst preventing you from slipping.

ToeSox for Yoga Classes

The entire ToeSox range is great for yoga. From Bellarina to Scrunch Knee High, every grip sock style will send your feet straight to zen during your yoga class. Half Toe yoga socks provide a more barefoot feeling whilst still giving you optimal traction during each pose and transition!

Are you ready to look good and FEELGOOD? Enter the competition to WIN a pair of ToeSox.