Anyone can Learn Yoga

25th April 2019

Anyone can Learn Yoga

That's right anyone can learn to do Yoga exercises. Yoga is main stream its no longer the reserve of Indian mystics, hippies, or hermits in caves. Today Yoga has been transformed from a relatively obscure, esoteric, and even controversial practice into a billion dollar industry.  

The Western yoga feeds the culture of physical perfection, but at the same time, it gives us a feeling of connection and peace with our bodies.

For many yoga is a great way to get fit, stay trim, but at the same time, it gives us a feeling of connection and peace with our bodies that we've yearned for, even if only unconsciously.

What's holding you back?

Yoga is a low impact form of exercise. Regular practice can lead to increased strength, flexibility, and focus, and can potentially decrease one’s proneness to injury.

Simple yoga exercises help you build strength, improve your core muscles, improve your body tone and help you keep fit and improve concentration.

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Yoga is more than just the physical act of ‘doing yoga’

For many yoga is a physical exercise, however it has deeper roots, origins and benefits. This makes yoga a practice that you can explore over time and understand true purpose of yoga.

Yoga classes are inexpensive

Yoga classes tend to be a low cost way to exercise. You can book and buy single classes on Near You. Prices can vary from as little as £7. Expect to pay between 7 and £15 for a group class. Prices will depend on the instructors popularity and your location.

Expect to pay more for yoga classes in London, Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford and Cambridge, Southampton, and less in smaller towns and rural areas.

No special footwear required

You don't need trainers most classes are undertaken in bare feat. You don't need special foot wear.

No special clothing required

Yoga classes are relaxed, friendly and informal. You don't need any special clothing other than clothing should be loose fitting tops and leggings are fine. 

Bring a mat

Many instructors supply mats but you will probably want to buy your own. Again they are low cost and are easy to carry.

A little progress each week, adds up to big results

Learning Yoga is all about commitment if you want to get the benefits. You should look to take between at 10 and 20 classes to see the benefits.

Many Yoga studios offer special introductory offers, block deals or term prices. See Near You Yoga Discounts on classes here.

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Source: Alex Best - Near You