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Last updated: December 2019

Yoga Classes for Beginners Near Me

Yoga Class Near You has thousands of yoga classes available across the UK, run by some of the best yoga teachers in the UK. Featured Yoga classes are suitable for all abilities, with yoga classes for beginners, mixed ability yoga classes *, private yoga sessions, and introduction to yoga taster classes. Your yoga teacher will recommend a suitable yoga class for beginners. Recommendations are based on your experience and current fitness level.

* Suitable for beginners but not absolute beginners. Absolute beginners should attend a beginners class or an introduction to yoga class.

Here we answer some of the key questions that people looking to begin yoga ask.

How Long Do Yoga Classes Last?

Most Yoga classes last between 40 and 90 minutes in duration. The average time is around 60 minutes. Class times vary depending on the type of yoga, for instance a Hatha yoga class will usually last around 60 minutes, whereas a Bikram yoga class will last 90 minutes.

How Challenging are Yoga Classes?

Yoga varies from gentle to challenging depending on the style of yoga. For example, Hatha is a gentle form covering a range of movements, suitable for all fitness levels. Hot yoga or Ashtanga yoga are challenging and require a good level of fitness. Find out which style is best for you.

Styles of yoga, suggested suitability, average duration time, best for recommendation.

How Many Students in a Yoga Class?

Yoga classes vary in the number of students in a class, depending on the type of yoga, the yoga teacher. Typically yoga classes consist of small groups of between 10 - 15 people. Some classes such as Hot Yoga have much larger classes, anything from 10-50 in a class.

Many yoga teachers offer private run one to one classes, and duos for couples. These classes offer personal attention that you do not get in a group class.

How Much Should I Pay For a Yoga Class?

The average price for a yoga class is around £10. The price depends on the popularity of the teachers and the size of the class. Small class are more expensive than larger groups, expect to pay £15. Private classes start at around £40 upwards.

The price varies according to your location. Expect to pay more in London. Although there are bargains to be had, so don't be afraid to shop around.

How Do I Select a Good Yoga Teacher?

According to the BWOY there are around 11,000 - 12,000 qualified teachers in the UK. However many have retired, are resting, or are no longer teaching for one reason or another. The best place to find active professional yoga teachers is on Yoga Class Near You.

All the yoga teachers on this platform are ACTIVE teachers. They publish and keep their class schedules up to date. So it's a good place to start your search for a yoga teacher.

Research by Paul Fox in Yoga Magazine.

Where Do I Find the Best Yoga Teachers?

The best yoga teachers feature on Yoga Class Near You and Near Yoga teachers on the platform are reviewed by the public, people who have paid for and attended classes. Reviews are monitored by FeeFo, an independent service that validates that the reviews are genuine reviews left by real people who have participated in a yoga activity.

The platform has achieved Gold Trusted Service Award, view yoga teacher reviews.

What Can You Expect in a Beginners Yoga Class?

This will teach you all the basics, including breathing techniques, posture and balance, as well as introduce you to some basic yoga poses.

To find a local yoga beginners class near you, choose beginner yoga classes from the drop down selection in the search form.

There are lots of beginners yoga classes to choose from so shop around for the one which you feel comfortable with.

Classes suitable for beginners include traditional forms such as; Anusara yoga, Hatha yoga, Viniyoga yoga, and Iyengar yoga.

Mixed ability classes are usually suitable for yoga beginners . We recommend that you consult your teacher prior to taking a lesson.

What Should You Wear?

Loose fitting clothes are the best, t-shirts, stretch tops and bottoms. Footwear is not usually required, although you can buy toes socks these are popular in yoga classes.

The First Step is to Find a Local Yoga Class Near Me

Many instructors and yoga studios offer introductory classes which are a good way to learn about yoga and its benefits first hand. View FREE yoga classes and yoga class offers here.

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