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Best Online Yoga Class Finder 2020 - UK

28th September 2020

Best Online Yoga Class Finder 2020 - UK

Just announced NearYou Winner in the GHP* 2020 Fitness and Nutrition Awards for "Best Online Yoga & Pilates Class Finder 2020 - UK".

Another award... following on from last weeks annoucement as an eCommerce finalist "Best eCommerce in Lockdown".

According to the judging panel “The quality and quantity of entrants were very high we wanted to highlight great companies doing great things over a very difficult and unpredictable period.”

Stephen Auty CEO NearYou said “Delighted to be a Fitness and Nutrition Awards Winner this of all years. Online Yoga classes have proved to be very popular during lockdown with online bookings breaking new records. We have consistently broken new ground in promoting some of the very best Yoga teachers, online yoga classes, workshops, courses, and on demand Yoga videos during the lockdown... and its not over yet.

Investment and innovation, are the key words that helped NearYou confirm its position as Best Online Yoga Class Finder 2020 - UK". It's a great achievement to be a win this award and I would like to thank all the great teachers and instructors active on the platform. A great team effort."

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Source: NearYou