Debbie McGee Uses Yoga to Stay Supple at 59!

28th November 2017

Debbie McGee Uses Yoga to Stay Supple at 59!
Debbie McGee has been impressing judges and viewers with her flexibility during this years Strictly Come Dancing contest.

Last week she wowed the crowd with her most agile routine yet, doing the splits 3 times!

Yoga has been credited for the 59 year-olds fitness, with her yoga instructor Joelle Pettitt revealing that Debbie attends two hour-long yoga classes each week.

The former magicians assistant practises Ashtanga yoga, often seen as one of the most demanding forms. It is a set sequence of movements that are performed in time with your breathing.

Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga allows you to build up your flexibility by practising and holding poses to help stretch your muscles out and remove any tension within them.

Practising positions such as the 'downward facing dog' build both strength and flexibility, helping to lengthen the back, hamstrings and calves whilst strengthening the upper body and core.

Yoga for Balance

Yoga requires you to hold often complex poses for a set length of time. Frequently attending yoga classes will aid in improving your balance and overall coordination by making you more aware of your body and its movements.

Debbie has shown an impeccable sense of balance on the show, with head judge Shirley Ballas commenting "I pride myself on my balance but I have never seen balance like that. You were outstanding".

Yoga for Strength

Asanas often focus on your core, strengthening the muscles that support your body. As you use your own body weight for resistance, the exercises also increase arm and shoulder strength.

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