Find the best Yoga Classes in the all new iPhone App

25th February 2019

Find the best Yoga Classes in the all new iPhone App

Just launched NearYou iPhone app available in the Apple store.

Now you can find even more Yoga classes, events, workshops and courses near me. The all new app features a new search, that makes finding yoga class, and related activities such as massage, holistic therapies a breeze. Plus the app has a growing range of alternative fitness activities.

Download the iPhone App here

Visitors can purchase, single yoga classes, take advantage of exclusive fitness class offers, class passes and even book courses.

View before you book

The new App features videos of showcase classes, yoga studios, demos. So you can now view a range of yoga activities before they book or reserve. The app gives visitors a insight as to what they can expect before they join a yoga class.

With many people taking up yoga for the first time, it can be a daunting experience finding the best class and yoga teacher for their needs.

Video in the NearYou app help people find the right class and instructor near where they live or work.

Personalised Local Yoga Experience

The NearYou app focus on local activities, local yoga events and classes. This means that users get to see what's on in their locality. With many users searching yoga near me we can see that locality is very important in successfully delivering meaningful results.

Timely Yoga Results

Time is important. Busy people want to see results that fit in with their busy schedule. The all new NearYou app allows users to find morning yoga class, lunch time classes evening classes quickly and easily.

Advanced Yogis Choice Matters

More experienced yoga practitioners, are clued up on the type of yoga that they enjoy. Hot yoga, Bikram yoga, aerial yoga, mediation yoga you name it is in the app.

Book a yoga class any time.

Find your Yoga Level

Most people are novices, so the tend to look for beginners yoga classes or introduction to yoga. With the new app they can use filters to narrow doen their choice so they only get to see yoga classes that are suitable for them.

Yoga Reviews

Find the best yoga instructors near me. That's the new mantra, and NearYou has thousands of great instructors many with 5 star ratings. View the ratings see what the Feedback is and book your self into a class near you today. The app heavily features Feefo reviews, they are independent and are a good way of getting the lowdown on the teachers

Find a yoga class Near Me Download the App

Visit the app store and search for NearYou – fitness finder login or view as guest and get access to some truly inspirational yoga teachers at great prices. The app is free to download.

Source: NearYou Team