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Get fit and toned for the summer join a yoga class Near You

27th May 2022

Get fit and toned for the summer join a yoga class Near You

Looks like summer is on its way after a cold winter and spring. Temperatures are rising and the sun is bursting out at last.

After months of lockdown, followed by months of below average temperatures we all need a refresh.

Now is the time to pop back into a yoga class and get your body in shape.

Join a yoga class on NearYou. Get expert instruction, from some of the best instructors around.

Just pay as You Go, the best way to loose pounds without breaking the bank.

NearYou gives you access to experienced 5 star yoga instructors who can get you set up for that special summer break. Read our reviews here;

Try something new, yoga, mat classes, meditation, or one on one workout.

Theres plenty to choose from and with yoga classes starting from as little as £5.30 they are very affordable.

Why wait book a fitness class today on NearYou. The UK's leading yoga class finder. 

And the best thing is you can start now, classes running daily Near You.

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