Half Term Yoga for Kids!

5th October 2017

Half Term Yoga for Kids!
October half term is fast approaching! School can often be stressful for children, so take this time to help them rejuvenate, revitalise and refresh - and maybe even join them in doing so!

Many schools are now using yoga as a method of boosting educational performance, as it increases concentration, reduces stress and provides a release from anxiety. Sign your child up to a yoga class this half term to help them on their way to success!

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Children are expected to absorb a lot of information during their time at school. Yoga induces a state of being that creates the optimum state of mind for memory retention and easy learning! Teaching them how to access this mind set will lead to increased performance in the classroom, but will also be carried through in to their adult life.

10% of young people aged between 5 and 16 suffer from diagnosable mental health problems. Yoga can help to relieve children of the symptoms that they suffer with - giving them stability, focus, and allowing them to relax, as well as providing them with useful breathing techniques that will help to control their emotions and maintain composure.

On a physical level, yoga provides a framework for total body movement and gross motor development in younger children, and builds on the gross motor skills of those nearing their teens.

Find a Children's Yoga Class

Get a head start for the term ahead and find a yoga class for your children today! With hundreds of classes and workshops available, visit the Yoga Class Near You website
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