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How to save money on Yoga classes this Summer?

10th June 2022

How to save money on Yoga classes this Summer?

Summer has arrived, after months of lockdowns and freezing cold weather. Now is the time to reboot and get ready for your summer holiday.

In this blog we look at why NearYou helps you get fit on a budget. With Yoga classes starting from only £5.20 including all fees this is the best way to save on classes.

Why book Yoga on NearYou?

Yoga NearYou allows people to book a single yoga class or a block. There no membership fee or join fee you just pay as you go. This makes it easy to control your yoga budget. Even better you are not paying for classes or facilities that you don't use.

Most leisure centres, and gyms sell membership packages that include activities and facilities that you rarely if ever use. In contrast by using Yoga Near You you only pay for what you use.

Why are Yoga NearYou summer classes so inexpensive?

Simple, classes are run by yoga instructors or small yoga studios with low overheads, renting a room, studio or leisure facilities on an hourly basis. They pass the cost saving onto you. So you pay less to keep yoga fit. Your not paying for heating, rates, receptionists, and facilities that are expensive to maintain.

How can I save even more on Yoga Near You?

You get the option to buy a single class at a time, or you can take advantage of yoga class offers that are even better value. Typically you can save an extra 10-20% on classes and in some cases even more if there is a special promotion on.

Block offers help you maintain a regular access to yoga classes typically 4-5 weeks at a time. By buying a block offer you are rewarded with a discount. The discount will vary by instructor or studio. 

Remember its you choice and you don't have to commit beyond the offer period.

How does the quality of classes on yoga Near You compare with leisure centres and gyms?

Yoga instructors on NearYou are experienced, professionals running their own business on the Yoga NearYou platform with the required accredited qualifications and insurance. They take a pride in their work and deliver the best yoga classes.

Compared to many leisure centres and big box gyms who increasingly employ newly qualified yoga instructors to keep their costs down and their revenue up. In some cases post lockdown they have even resorted to getting receptions to run classes.


How does NearYou monitor the quality of Yoga instruction?

The key criteria we use is customer feedback. After every class or block we automatically send a survey to the customer requesting feedback. These are independently verified by Feefo. 

We promote yoga instructors with 4-5 stars, we also follow up any negative reviews or feedback. Where an instructor fails to deliver an exceptional service they will get a warning and if necessary removed from the platform. 

Yoga instructors on NearYou typically get 4-5 star ratings from people who book via NearYou. These are independent Feefo reviews. We don't use Facebook or Google reviews because they are not verified reviews.

Read our customer reviews here. 

Why should I book my Yoga classes and activities on NearYou?

Unlike other platforms, Yoga Near You was designed to offer a quick self service access to fitness classes. It is a fast, easy to use, location based activity finder, that offer a range of classes, events and workshops.

Just find a class and book in seconds not days.

Why is NearYou a safe way to book a class?

Just pay with Apple Pay, Apple Cash, Google Pay, or Credit card. With Apple and Google pay just confirm your payment with one click. All payments go through Stripe one of the world leading card payment services. Your card details are not passed on to third party fitness suppliers. NearYou is PCI accredited.

Paying by credit card is safer than paying by making direct debit payments. Different consumer laws apply to credit cards which means they offer more protection to consumers. That is why we only accept credit or debit cards.

This was highlighted during the Covid crisis where many gym and leisure centre members struggled to get refunds when they closed.

Why does Yoga NearYou offers more choice?

With Near You you are not restricted to an instructor or activity. In fact you can pick and choose where, and when, the type of activity, the instructor and how much you can afford to pay.

Unlike gyms and leisure centres your pretty much restricted to whats on offer. Your favourite instructor may leave and you could end up get an inexperienced instructor or you just don't enjoy the class.

With NearYou thats not a problem just choose a different activity or instructor. Just pay as you go.

Why do the Best yoga instructors join NearYou?

Yoga instructors on NearYou know they have to be good if they want to grow their customer base on the platform. They have to pay a fee to be on the platform, be fully accredited, and insured. This dissuades inexperienced instructors or instructors / studios who are not prepared to invest their time in building their business.

If you are a committed yoga instructor with experience and looking to grow join NearYou Here. 

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