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Insomnia can be a blessing, why?

4th August 2022

Insomnia can be a blessing, why?

It is quite common to know someone with insomnia. For those of you who don't know, this is when you can't sleep. Why can people not sleep? Are they not tired? 

Many people nowadays invest lots of money into lovely essential oils, amazing beds, alarm clocks all to have the perfect nights sleep without any worry or stress. They look forward to waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the new day. However, when bedtime comes they cannot sleep. 

They lie there waiting to fall asleep. Many people now report this as being a issue for them in their life. It could also be viewed as an opportunity to reflect, a blessing in disguise.

When you are lying there in bed rather than waiting to fall asleep, you could see it as an opportunity to look within. We can look at the feelings in our bodies, the sensations, the types of thoughts passing through. It can be an opportunity to let go of what we are holding on to.

Even thoughts like, “when am I going to fall asleep”, or “I am going to be so tired tomorrow” can be let go of. They only create needless suffering so why hold on to them. 

Now this will have a huge impact on your life. All those needless thoughts you have at night, which you have used the opportunity to look at, and explore will now have a positive impact on your life. They will be a blessing and will transfer into your entire life.

Wherever you are, you can introspect into your being and examine how you are feeling, what thoughts are in your mind, what your body is doing, and it will automatically bring you more into the present.

The more you do this, the more aware you will become and naturally the more happy and peaceful you will be. This will naturally have an impact on your sleep. You will find that overtime your sleep will not be such a problem for you. In fact, your problems will fade away, because they only existed in the mind in the first place. 

Everyday you wake up with the opportunity of being fresh and spontaneous and present, and instead you go back to the past in your mind or the future and begin worrying or suffering with something that only exists in your head.

What is the need? Is putting on soaking wet clothes worth it? Even when you are falling asleep you are still laying in your soaking wet clothes. Now is the time to take them off. Rip them off if you have to, throw them in the bin, you do not need them. This will change your life. Your days will be far lighter, far more beautiful, you will be present in what is actually happening rather in your mind which clouds our perception. 

Everything can be turned into a blessing, everything can be used as a mirror. We see this throughout life of people who have used challenges and obstacles to turn them into blessings. Our attitude to life greatly effects the fruits that come out of it.

Gratitude, humility, perseverance, patience can radically change our lives for the better.

If you focus on these things, and your internal being, you will not need all of the material external things that people are looking for. As the proverb goes, “First put your own house in order, and be the change that you want to see in the world”. 

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Source: Saul Writing