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10th May 2021

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOpy we are back on the 19th May fingers crossed really looking forward to seeing you all again. The out door class will resume hopfully nx month when its a bit warmer. Dont forget if you need 1-2-1 or massage im only a call away. SEE YOU ALL SOON LOVE DON
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Wed eve class

9th September 2020

Hi all was great to get back to the class at the Millennium Centre,Last Wed, Nice easy class to start off, a bit unusal in that i coudnt physicly go around and help ajust had to do it verberly, Looking forward to tonight a FULL CLASS had one drop out due to work commitment And a new student booked almost immediately wonderful Have decided that next year to run a out door...
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25th August 2020

BEST NEWS THIS YEAR WE ARE BACK YES classes restart on Wed the 2nd September SO looing forward to seing you all again And welcoming new members to the group A great time to DE STRESS and relax OK the boring part the details about what where when and how will be all reviled at the class SEE YOU ALL OON THE 2 SEPTEMBER 7.30 DONT BE LATE Don
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Park Yoga

19th August 2020

Hi all just to let you know that the class YOGA in the PARK on the Great Lines was good, and would like to say hello to Dawn who just started with us for the first time. If you havent tried yogas outdoors you really shaol come along on TUE eve 7.25 start just in the park near the bottom of Marlbrough rd . We will outside for as long as the weather permits or the Millen...
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How can we serve you out of your suffering, and into your authentic self to live a life of abundance, deep peace and unconditional joy?

2nd June 2020

Ram-Inder offers a unique blend of healing modalities which incorporates the entire bio-system so that the body, mind, emotions and spirit come into alignment. These range from the time tested wisdom of the ancient masters that have lasted thousands of years, to the latest neuroscience methods for developing mental resilience and a bulletproof mindset. She is passionate...
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Now online Thursday 5.45pm & Saturdays 10.45am.

16th April 2020

Join in with us for online posture yoga. This grew out of Ian asking if I could do a zoom class? Why not I replied. It has grown into 3 times a week and seems to provide a little drop of normality. We use zoom and I like people to leave their cameras on throughout the sessions. I do online classes and like a cameras on approach because I feel observed which keeps me goin...
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FREE EVENT every Sunday 6.pm - 6.45pm

9th April 2020

This is a new programme to help support each other during this time of isolation. Let the sun shine in your heart and lift up your energy. Come and join us for an informal get together. The event includes: Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation or Yoga Nidra. Feel connected with Source and with others. This event is open to all. No experience in yoga necessary . Just bring ...
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Online Stress Relief

27th March 2020

Join and reserve your spaces in my online yoga classes today to relieve the negative effects of stress, poor sleep and anxiety. Come and move any negative energy from your life. I can't wait to meet you.
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Yoga for all

10th March 2020

Hi all looking forward to Wed eve class, last weeks class was realy good nice and relaxed, every one left happy calm and relaxed as well as being streched toned lengthened and twisted, This is a really good class not only for those who have been practising yoga for a time, but also for the complete Beginner, Because the class is deliberatly kept small this alows me time ...
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How yoga works Part 1

7th March 2020

Muscles move or stabilise joints and produce heat. Muscles main function is to shorten. Joints that are attached to the muscle are pulled creating movement or stability. Hatha yoga asana and breathing work to create a strong body or vessel, in the 12th Century the yoga classic text, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika or (HYP) discusses one goal of yoga to build a strong vessel of ...
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Yoga for all

24th February 2020

Great class a few laughs and some serious attention to the neck and shoulders which we dont pay enough attention to these days what with sitting at commputers and head down looking at the phone, all cotribute to tentions to to the head, neck and shoulders Very simple yoga movments help rid you of these what can be painfull tentions.
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Yoga helps with stress.

18th February 2020

The Cochrane Review critiques research and offers advise to the public. The review is clear that yoga aids with stress. It appears that stimulating and then resting the nervous system leaves us feeling clear and relaxed.
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Start your year with YOGA BASICS!

27th January 2020

If you've been thinking about getting into yoga but aren't sure where to start, here's your chance! I'm starting my popular YOGA BASICS -- 10-week yoga course for beginners on Monday 27 January 2020, so by Easter you will know how to practice safely and effectively about 60 asanas and exercises, look after your body, learn many methods to improve your posture and get hooke...
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