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Yoga for all

15th January 2020

Hi all Happy new year, I am now taking bookings for my Wed eve class Nice warm relaxed friendly atmosphere. please bear in mind that at this time of year we tend to an influx of new people, so to avoid disapointment book now, Looking forward to seeing you sdoon DON
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2020 Get the Yoga Sparkle

11th January 2020

Hi to all my Yoga friends Yoga has now started again on a Tuesday morning from 10 am to 11.30 am and also on Wednesday evening from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Come and get flexible, healthy and Sparkle. Coming soon dates for Workshops and Retreats Lets Yoga Party into 2020 Namaste Anita Lyon
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Why not try a one to one session?

1st January 2020

Why not try a one to one session in my yoga studio in Brixton? It's light and roomy and I have lots of gear. I can tailor sessions to suit your needs. You can slow down and work on things that fly by in a class. One to one sessions can help to build confidence as regards posture, breathing and movement. They can also be a solid foundation for starting a group class.
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Spring Workshop was a success - more Workshops coming soon to St. Mary's (without the Walls), handbrdidge Chester.

24th April 2019

Thank you to everyone that came to my Spring Yoga Workshop on Saturday 13th April 2019 10 am to 1.30 . Lots of lovely asanas and also a chance to try out a few new things. The shoulder stand stool is amazing! If you don't like having pressure on your head or neck on the floor in a headstand, then the shoulderstand stool is ideal. Lots of positive comments and lots of hea...
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SPRING YOGA WORKSHOP - Saturday 13th April - Spaces going fast

13th April 2019

Saturday 13th April 2019 10 am to 1.30 pm St. Mary's Chester CH47HL (Car Park) Spring into April with Yoga and Feel Amazing at the Spring Yoga Workshop Renew the body - Explore the mind - Delay Ageing -Stress reduction/Relaxation -Meditation and healthy nibbles to explore. Handouts provided. Workshop cost £30 A donation will be going to Dementia/Alzheimers. Just call o...
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New Deal Up!!

22nd February 2019

Take advantage of this very special offer. Buy a 10 class pack and join us in a calm environment. This is a 10 week deal. This is a great offer and entitles you to attend 10 classes. We expect high demand so book online today.
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Managing Stress

13th January 2019

I have recently started a full time accounting job and this has been interesting to note that how the busy life means that exercise and relaxation is very important. I am having to use the breathing and meditation techniques a lot more. Teaching is one thing but experiencing the yoga always takes me deeper into my own practice. It is therefore a daily top of the list. It...
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Yoga starts again for the New Year

7th January 2019

The Yoga class starts at St. Mary's (out of the walls) Community Church Hall, Handbridge Chester on Tuesday 8th January, 2019, 10 am to 11.30 am. If you can't come to the Tuesday class I have a Wednesday pm Yoga class on Wednesday 9th January, 2019 from 6.30 pm to 8pm. Give me a class on 07793556421. We are in the newly built Community hall with great parking and facilit...
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18th October 2018

8 week yoga therapy, mindfulness and meditation course to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing starts Thursday 18th October - if you want more peace, to have more space in your head and life and want to sleep well at night then this is the course for you! "This course has quite literally changed my life. It's given me the most incredible tools that I will carry with me thr...
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I wrote Yoga books!

3rd May 2018

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON Simply search for "Yoga Sequences Companion" and "Yoga Footsteps" Yoga Sequences Companion by Van Devi 68 yoga sequences with additional ideas to compliment your practice. These include breath work, background information and meditations. 160 A4 pages in alternating dual colours. Perfect bound. Vani Devi has home-produced over 1.000 of her last two bo...
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Private Classes

5th July 2017

This week I have enjoyed teaching a private student and observing very good progress. The student underwent surgery and an infection which required 5 courses of antibiotics in May and following this, started suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and lack of sleep. Due to the direct co relation of the gut with the brain, healthy bacteria are necessary for her to rebalance....
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One day Yoga Retreat

16th May 2017

Is this a time for self care? a retreat for some much needed recharging of batteries and pressing the pause button? If yes, join a one day Yoga retreat at Elm Farm Look also under Retreats.
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Mums and Children workshop

29th March 2017

This event will run for 2 weeks during Easter and help mums to meet other mums who have been attending the class and getting the benefits of attending this class on a regular basis after dropping their children off to school. Due to anti social behaviours of bullying in schools, I am passionate about teaching children, especially teenagers. During the class I ask them to ...
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