New Cash back Rewards for Yoga Studios and Yoga instructors

20th November 2019

New Cash back Rewards for Yoga Studios and Yoga instructors

Now Yoga businesses can earn cash back rewards on bookings. The system aims to encourage more yoga studios, yoga instructors to add their activities to Near You.

Demand for Yoga classes and workshops continues to soar on Yoga Class NearYou with bookings up 171% this compared to last year.

Cash back rewards incentivises yoga businesses to add more yoga classes, and to attract new yoga studios, to the NearYou platform, and take advantage of the award winning service.

Earn up to £500 Cash Back

Yoga businesses can earn CashBack Rewards once they have achieved a minimum revenue threshold of £20,000. The rewards starts on January 1st 2019 and ends 31st December 2020.

The system includes quality control with Yoga businesses having to have a minimum Feefo star rating of 4/5 over the 12 month period.

NearYou reaches more people looking for yoga classes.

Now yoga studios and yoga teachers can take bookings for all their activities, on Yoga Class Near You and the website, NearYou iPhone and Android apps.

It also has the facility for business to add their yoga schedule to their own websites and take online bookings.

It's an impressive yoga marketing and booking system rolled into one. Its sole aim is to help people get into yoga.

Easy to manage

For many small to medium independent yoga businesses running their marketing, taking enquiries, booking students into activities can be both time consuming and stressful.

The NearYou platform makes all these functions easy to manage from one place.

It's the best marketing and booking system for independent yoga businesses, who can't afford big advertising budgets, and can't afford the cost of employing additional people to manage booking administration.

With the NearYou platform there is no admin, it's all automated, the only thing that business owners need to do is keep their schedules up to date.

Commenting on the cash back system Stephen Auty CEO said “ We are using the CashBack incentive to encourage enterprising yoga studios, and instructors to join our platform.

Demand for yoga, and yoga activities is huge and we need more studios to fill the demand.

It's very in-expensive for yoga studios to join our club and the cash back makes it a compelling alternative to other expensive booking platforms such as Mindbody.

The public are moving away from memberships they can be expensive, to more on demand service as offered by NearYou. The travel industry has seen a big switch away from package holidays to a more a la carte form of booking. The recent demise of Thomas Cook is evidence of changes that are shaking up established businesses.

The yoga industry is NOT immune to these changes and big gym ticket memberships fees are likely to hit the dust moving forward.

The NearYou system gives the public more choice of yoga classes, better prices, more flexible options of purchase options from single classes to class passes. It's reflected in the huge growth in online bookings.

I recommend that enterprising yoga studios join the NearYou club."

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Source: NearYou