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What is Kundalini Yoga?

17th February 2020

Kundalini yoga brings attention to the breathing, which regulates the Energy of Life, (Prana), balancing emotions and directing the focus of the mind. Improving emotional & physical well-being, bringing clarity, a sense of calm and completeness. Find out more.
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Men only Yoga Classes Near Me

5th December 2019

Recent years has seen a steady increase in men attending yoga classes. Sport professionals, footballers, rugby players, are getting on the yoga for men band wagon. The thing yoga is for everyone, not just women. Find out why men are turning too yoga to live fitter, healthier lives.
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Yoga Classes for over 50s

18th October 2019

More Yoga studios, fitness centres and clubs are offering Yoga classes catering for over 50s and 60s. The grey market in the UK now has more choice yoga than ever before. Heres why yoga is exploding in the UK.
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