Personal Pranayama yoga classes in Southport

12th February 2013

Personal Pranayama yoga classes in Southport
Try personal yoga training at Yoga Formby in Southport. Yoga Formby uses Pranayama yoga techniques.

Pranayama yoga relaxes the body and is used as a prelude to meditation. Pranayama yoga is an antidote to stress as Pranayama reverses the adrenalin release process and breath control has physiological benefits improving mental objectivity and focus.

Pranayama yoga classes train students to breathe slowly, mindfully and deeply, relaxing the muscles. Developing a slow breathing rate improves the heart rate and gets more oxygen into the blood stream thereby improving wellbeing.
So if you are looking for a relaxing yoga class then a private Pranayama yoga class could be perfect for you.
Try personal yoga classes in Southport

Yoga Formby is run by Christine Sutton who has been teaching for over 7 years.

Christine also teaches Vinyasa flow yoga which is excellent for improving flexibility, co-ordination, stamina and strength and Dru-flow yoga which is a gentle style for flexibility, calmness and coordination as well as Ashtanga yoga for those who like it strong.

For more information personal yoga classes, locations, times and instructors, click on the link below.