Slow Down your Mind with Yoga and Mindfulness

9th October 2018

Slow Down your Mind with Yoga and Mindfulness

We've all been there... lying in bed at night after a long day, finally off our feet and able to relax - but something's stopping us. 

Our thoughts are racing, our heart rate increasing and we are completely unable to disconnect from the pressures of the day. We feel ourselves thinking about tomorrow, next week, next month and it seems to go round and round again...taking us further and further away from the present. 

Sound all too familiar? 

This blog post looks into how you can stop this common issue with the help of Yoga and Mindfulness. 

We spoke to Cheryl Edwards, the founder of Zenzone Yoga, to discover more on the relationship between Yoga and Mindfulness, and how it can dramatically affect and improve our everyday lives. 

"I discovered Yoga 13 years ago simply because I wanted to slow down my mind. Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise but it is so much more than that alone. It's all about unplugging from the day to day busy-ness of life and getting back into our bodies. 

Whilst you are doing Yoga, there really is nowhere else you can be but in your body. As you move through a sequence of poses you begin to forget about the outside world and actually take time to focus mindfully on sensations within. This is where Yoga can be so helpful for people, slowing down our minds and releasing daily tensions through mindful observation and awareness of what presently is.

The great news is the more you practice Yoga, the more you start to notice the benefits you get whilst on your mat being echoed in your everyday life.  

My Zen Yoga classes aim to help with all of the above. I like to start my classes with my students lying down to give them time to land and ground for a few minutes. We then move into more active stretching and strengthening postures before once again returning to stillness. This way the students get a fantastic workout but also leave feeling refreshed and relaxed”. 

Cheryl runs regular Zen Yoga classes located in Wimborne, Southbourne and the surrounding areas. Book onto a class online here

Cheryl also runs Yin Yoga and Qigong workshops with her partner, Richard Ellis. These start with an hour of Qigong, a form of mindful movement focusing on breathing, revitalisation and unwinding tension, before moving into a passive floor-based Yin Yoga practice.  

“With Yin Yoga, you can expect to hold a pose for 2-5 minutes, supported by bolsters, bricks, blocks, blankets and straps. By holding the poses for longer periods of time in a supported manner, the body responds by softening at a much deeper level. This enables deeply held tensions to be released and let go of.”

You can book online for the next scheduled event taking place on the 28th of October for just £30. Tickets are limited to so book online here

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“In today’s rush, we all think too much — seek too much — want too much — and forget about the joy of just being.” 

- Eckhart Tolle

Supplied By: Cheryl
Source: NearYou