Transform yourself with Hatha Yoga

5th February 2018

Transform yourself with Hatha Yoga
I never fail to be amazed by how practising yoga can transform peoples lives. There is something so magical about seeing a student start to "feel" the yoga poses, become empowered by the asana, the accompanying breath and subsequent change in mindset. I recently was reminded of this when a client shyly told me after class that after a year of yoga she could feel herself change for the better. She had been dealing with grief and had found space and stillness yoga can offer to "witness" how she was truly feeling and why. This can help negative emotions to lose their power over us and come into clearer perspective. She was developing her own "wisdom" and was now better able to stand back and see her own truth which was that she was more than the sum total of her grieving. Other clients have whispered to me as they leave that they found coming to the class every week really helped them cope with what was happening outside of the practice and I, as a teacher am humbled by these revelations.

When the newspapers are reporting that the benefits of yoga are weightloss it saddens me that this 6,000-year-old practice can be belittled to calorie counting. Yes, you may end up feeling so much better about yourself that you want to eat better food wisely, rest well and nourish your body and mind but it offers so much more. I am currently studying to become a Yoga Therapist which uses the yogic models of chakra and the 5 bodies to holistically help people come back to balance, it is amazing that something so ancient can be so very relevant today. People seem to feel that something is missing in their lives, yoga teaches us that everything we need is already within us. It doesn't matter about how old you are, what shape your in or if you can put your foot behind your head (and just for the record I can't) because yoga will meet you where ever you are and with practice will lead you to a better place.

Transform yourself into the person you were meant to be with Hatha Yoga.
Love and Light
Penny Taylor

Written by Penny Taylor British Wheel Diploma Teacher, Advanced Tutor of Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga and Trainee Yoga Therapist with Real Yoga.
Supplied By: Penny Taylor