What is Kundalini Yoga?

17th February 2020

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga brings attention to the breath, which regulates the Energy of Life, (Prana), balancing emotions and directing the focus of the mind.

Kundalini yoga unblocks & balances the chakras, improving emotional & physical well-being, bringing clarity, a sense of calm and completeness.

A sacred and ancient science, kundalini yoga will focus on a posture set or a single action, known as a kriya. The difference between Kundalini Yoga and other schools of yoga, is the ‘flow’, or sequence of the kriya. There are thousands of Kriyas, which have been translated from ancient scripts and shared with us through the teachings of Yogi Bhahjan.

Kundalini Yoga Improves Awareness

Kundalini, the Yoga of Awareness, with regular practice helps us recognize that “happiness is our birthright” and works through ‘blocks’ that prevent us from reaching our true and fullest potential as a human being. (For example, “I would love to do that, but ….” And the negative mind finds umpteen reasons as to why you cannot!, based on subconscious anxieties.)

Kundalini Yoga Release toxins

To release toxins, or energy, or to stimulate the body, the brain or the third eye etc, postures are often held for a specific period of time. One to three minutes is average, but students are encouraged to take breaks as required and by visualising the posture, a student is ‘kept up’. The connected energy of the group will support the individual’s effort. Though I encourage students to take breaks, the overall group tenacity keeps them going.

Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system

Our body is a self-regulating system, knowing how to heal itself and Kundalini Yoga helps to strengthen the nervous system, the glandular system, the digestive system, the circulatory and respiratory systems. It helps keep the weight down, it can help to lift mild depression and anxiety and by stimulating the glands and flexing the spine, can even slow down the ageing process!

Kundalini Yoga unblocks and balances the 8 chakras, (inner vortexes of subtle energy) and through the combination of kriya, pranayama, (breath control) and meditation, an elevated state of awareness will be achieved. The body will be strengthened and balanced physically, mentally and emotionally and overall, an increased state of awareness and well-being will develop.

What to expect in a Kundalini Yoga class

I begin every class in the traditional manner, by ‘tuning in’ with the Adi Mantra, which links to the wisdom of the teachings and our inner ‘guru’ and combined, this guides the kundalini energy. This is followed by the Mangala Charn mantra, which protects and helps to release subconscious blocks.

We continue with either pranayama, breath control exercises to awaken the body, or a meditation to quieten the mind waves.

A warm up follows consisting of traditional yoga postures to help to strengthen the body as well as stimulate the chakras.

We then begin our kriya, following the ‘flow’, (sequence) and the timings. Each kriya offers a different effect. Sometimes we may work on the solar plexus, to stimulate the centre of our individual will power and personal responsibility, or we may focus on stimulating the Pituitary Gland, the master gland and centre of our unique intuition.

Every Kundalini class has the potential to offer variety, though it’s good to re-visit kriyas to get to know their sequence and build muscle memory, plus enjoy the results! We complete each class with a quiet period of relaxation, before finishing with ‘Sat Nam’.

This powerful system of yoga is always taught in its undiluted form and is suitable for all levels and ages, including those who have never done yoga before.

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