Why more pregnant women attend yoga birth classes

19th January 2018

Why more pregnant women attend yoga birth classes
Women come to yoga birth classes for many different reasons but what surprises them most is how it prepares them for the journey of labour. Through yoga postures and different breathing techniques women explore the possibilities for labour. Moving in and out of different positions gives women an instinctive confidence. In the classes, the use of a model of a pelvis and baby helps the women visualise the journey their baby has to make. Hypnobirthing visualisations are also implemented which help relax the women and give them a positive outlook on birth.

Yoga birth classes allow women to become trusting of their bodies and its ability to give birth. However, women will learn to explore when they will need help and interventions and yoga birth touches on why these may be needed. But the likelihood of interventions become less when women have attended classes of this sort. This happens because there is less fear about the birthing process so consequently they have more confidence to stay at home either for the birth or for a large part of the latent phase of labour. Those choosing a hospital birth are in a more active phase when they arrive at the hospital so there is less need for interventions. Also because they are active in the birth, the chances are that their baby is in a more favourable position and the contractions are more efficient.

The classes encourage women to take responsibility for their births and do as much as possible to prepare themselves and support themselves through this exciting but sometimes challenging experience.

The yoga birth classes can be backed up with regular reflexology, acupuncture or hypnotherapy treatments depending on the instructor or studio. This could be then followed by a postnatal yoga class which includes baby massage. This is a crucial time to offer women support. The baby massage encourages bonding with the baby and is both pleasurable to the mother and baby. The yoga helps the mother recover from the birth and strengthen her core muscles and pelvic floor and also gives her time to be with other women and share experiences.

This article was written by Annabel Hargrave who practices yoga birth and hypnobirthing in Morden, Surrey and London.

Annabel Hargrave
YogaBirth & Hypnobirthing Practitioner