Why One-to-One Yoga Classes Are A Good Way To Improve

26th April 2017

Why One-to-One Yoga Classes Are A Good Way To Improve
Yoga has a whole raft of benefits and this is why people of all ages take it up. It offers a unique opportunity to connect the mind, body and soul in a way that is also fun for you to learn.

However, not everyone takes to it like a duck to water. For whatever reason, whether it be injury, lack of flexibility or age, it can be a difficult learning curve at times.

That's why a one-to-one yoga class can be a great way to master the basics of yoga. In a private yoga class, your instructor can spend more time giving you the personalised attention you need to improve. They'll identify the weaknesses in your practice and then be able to find an approach that helps you get better. Plus, if you've got a question that you didn't want to ask in front of a group, a private session offers a confidential environment in which you can feel comfortable.

Most importantly, a private yoga class gives you immediate feedback and this can help you speed up your learning and increase your understanding.

Who is a private yoga class good for?

A private session can meet a whole variety of different needs. Many sports stars have personal instructors to help them tailor a routine that will target the right areas of the body.

Women who are going through pregnancy or recovering from it will also benefit greatly. They may have lost confidence in there body, or be struggling to handle the changes that pregnancy brings, so that more private environment can be extremely beneficial.

It's also beneficial for people recovering from specific injuries. For example, recovering from damage to joints or the spine. You may not be able to handle all of the routines practiced in the group, so a private class will help the instructor and you understand your body. Knowing your limits is extremely important when it comes to exercise. The worst outcome is a recurrence of an injury.

The benefits of One to One Yoga classes?

- Improved understanding of the basic principles
- Immediate correction on postures and asanas, preventing slipping into bad habits.
- Injury recovery plans tailored to your needs
- Added comfort and confidence in a safe environment
- Increase in sports performance

How can I find a Private Yoga class?

So whether it's a private pregnancy yoga class or a sports specific yoga session, most instructors will be able to give you the personal support you need.

On Yoga Class Near You, there are hundreds of yoga teachers that offer private sessions. By using the website, or the NearYou app, you can easily identify those available in your area.

If needs be, you can have a chat with them first to make sure you're comfortable that they're the right person to teach you. Once you have, you can book yourself a place online easily using our booking feature.

On mobile?

If you're using an iPhone, download the NearYou App now to find and book a class in a matter of seconds.

Using Android? Check out MyNearYou to do the same!
Source: Yoga Class Near You