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New NearYou APP is great for finding yoga classes and the best yoga teachers.

23rd December 2020

New NearYou APP is great for finding yoga classes and the best yoga teachers.

We have just launched the new NearYou iPhone app that gives you a truly unique, personalised and enjoyable experience.

Yoga Apps are the future, and that is why the new NearYou iPhone app is perfect for you. It has all the features that help you find yoga classes online or in person. Download the App here.

In this article we outline what is new, and how it can help you.

The new iPhone app, you can find many different types of yoga classes, yoga events, yoga videos, courses, retreats and more to help you with your practice.

With our New App you can:

  • Search for yoga classes that suit your fitness level - beginners, intermediate or advanced.

We have provided search filters so that you can search for the exact type of yoga you would like to do, the location, and level that is appropriate for you.

You can search for online classes or in venue based classes depending on what would suit you best.

  • Get local directions on Apple Maps

To make it easier to find a yoga studio, we have incorporated apple maps into our App, so that you can have live directions for when you travel.

  • Automatic calendar notifications and reminders about upcoming yoga classes

Our app will also link up with your calendar, and gives you reminders for your upcoming yoga classes.

  • Digital Class Passes via Apple Wallet.

You can use your Apple Wallet to buy classes, and when you turn up to a class you just need to show your class pass on your phone.

  • access all your bookings, ClassPasses, instructors and your favourites

On the home page of the App, you can see all your favourite classes, instructors, videos, bookings and more.

  • Watch yoga teacher videos and learn more about what to expect

Access on demand yoga videos, and video series. So that you can keep updated on your practice in your own time.

  • Independent reviews on yoga teachers instructors and classes

You will be able to see all of the independent reviews of instructors and studios so you can know which yoga teacher is best for you.

NearYou awarded the Platinum Feefo award in 2020 with a 4.7/5 rating, and we feel quality is important.

  • Enjoy Yoga Classes on a pay as you go basis

The App is free to download there are no membership fee's involved, and you can buy your yoga class when you like at an affordable price.

We wanted classes to be readily available for all, and not for the few. That is why the App is completely free, and when you pay for classes or videos we give great deals and discounts to make it affordable for all.

We feel that everyone should feel the benefits of yoga, and be blessed with joy, peace and happiness.

The new NearYou app offers a truly unique, personalized and enjoyable experience. It is perfect when looking for yoga classes, with so much choice, and with all of the amazing features that have been mentioned above.

It is free to download on the App store, or the android store, and could really help you with your yoga practice.

Blessings, NearYou 

Source: Saul Auty Near You