Yoga Classes for over 50s

18th October 2019

Yoga Classes for over 50s

Yoga Classes for over 50s

Over 50's practicing yoga has tripled over the last 4 years. The main reasons for joining Yoga classes is flexibility and stress relief. Its an activity that's dominated by females accounting for a staggering 72%.

Yoga is becoming an accepted main stream practice amongst older generations in the UK.

Why older 50s are joining Yoga Classes

1) Yoga classes are widely available

There are many reasons for the increase in adoption. One of the main reasons is that yoga classes are widely available.

2) Yoga is now main stream

Not only are yoga classes more available the perception of yoga as an mystical hippy exercise has almost disappeared.

Yoga in the UK has been westernised, new styles of yoga focusing on the exercises and health benefits has replaced more traditional forms of yoga practice in the public mind set.

Yoga is now mainstream, its offered in health clubs, fitness studios, gyms as part of the menu of activities available.

This is changing old perceptions of the benefits of yoga.

3) More Choice of Yoga Classes

Traditional forms of yoga such has Hatha Yoga still predominate, however, new styles, hybrid yoga classes are popping up everyday, driving a whole new generation of yogis who are willing to spend a lot of money to find their om.

More availability and more choice of yoga classes is good news for over 50's some willing to try new styles, whilst other are happy to attend less strenuous styles of yoga.

See styles of yoga this gives seniors an idea of types and styles of yoga available, duration of classes, fitness levels and what you can expect.

4) More classes catering for over 50s and 60s

The grey market is growing as the UK population ages. As the yoga industry expands it seems opportunity to create classes for seniors. They are different needs, flexibility and fitness and therefore classes for seniors are tailored for potentially less flexible people.

5) More time slots for over 50's

Over 50s and in particular over 60s have more free time. Attending classes during the day is convenient for them. This allows yoga studios to fill up classes that would otherwise be empty. This is good news for yoga practitioners and seniors

6) Yoga classes are inexpensive

For retired people living on a pension or fixed income every penny counts. Yoga classes are inexpensive in the UK, ranging from as little as £7.50 upwards. Off peak classes tend to be cheaper, compared to peak times. This means seniors can choose times that offer the best value.

Where can over 50's find Yoga classes Near Me?

The best place to find Yoga classes for seniors is Yoga Class Near You the UK's leading yoga class finder. Other sites include the brand new fitness and health activity finder which offers not only Yoga but mediation and holistic healing.

Source: NearYou