Yoga Trends For 2018

22nd December 2017

Yoga Trends For 2018
Demand for yoga classes and workshops will continue to grow in the upcoming year. In 2017, Yoga class Near You, the UK's biggest yoga class-finder, attracted over 1.2m people looking for yoga. We predict this will rise in 2018.

With peoples priorities shifting, there is growing motivation to take care of ourselves and the planet. This is exactly where yoga fits in.

Yoga classes are reasonably priced, and widely available. Yoga Class Near You has made thousands of well priced yoga class accessible to the public. It has made finding and booking a yoga class or workshop simple and easy.

Top Yoga Trends in 2018


People underestimate the importance of controlled breathing. Controlling the flow of oxygen into the lungs can reduce stress, raise energy and improve clarity of thought. The ancient Yogis developed a number of breathing techniques to optimize the benefits of Prana (Pranayama).

Many yoga teachers use breathing techniques in their classes to help clear and purify the body and mind.

Unlike meditation, yoga breathing techniques can be used anywhere, anytime, easing anxiety and making focused breathing work a must-learn on the agenda in 2018.

Yoga & Meditation

It's clear that stressed, anxious, and goal-oriented people are looking for ways to manage and respond to the unrelenting pressure of modern life. Yoga classes are seen as a way for people to break out of the daily grind and improve their relationship with their own minds and bodies.

The pressure will only build up in 2018 so we expect to see more people looking to Yoga mediation classes as a way of finding a new perspective on their lives.


Many people now have trouble finding the deep restorative rest their bodies need. Sleep is an important regenerative process and more people seem to be having sleepless nights. This is where yoga classes can help. By relaxing the body and mind, it creates a more relaxed and peaceful karma that helps you to enjoy a good nights sleep.

Sleep is becoming a growing issue and people will increasingly turn to yoga rather than taking sleeping pills and medications. It's a healthier way to get a good nights sleep.

Yoga Wheels

Yoga wheels are set to make an entrance into yoga more classes in 2018. Varying in size, yoga wheels can be used in lots of different ways and offer a multitude of benefits, from quad and hip stretching, to back, chest and shoulder opening. Stretching and strengthening your spine, yoga wheels can be used in a range of poses such as bridges and headstands.

Expect to see more wheels in 2018.

Child and Baby Yoga

Yoga benefits people of all ages. Certain Yoga postures have been shown to improve children's grades by 18%. Meditation improves their concentration and memory skills, helping them to excel in other elements of their lives.

Yoga can help babies in the early stages of their development - from helping digestion and easing wind pain, to strengthening the immune system and encouraging neuromuscular development. Parents are seeing the benefits of this classes and booking them up!

Novelty Yoga Classes

People have been creating crazy ways to diversify their yoga sessions. Animals have featured hugely in 2017 - with 'Doga' (Dog Yoga), 'Goga' (Goat Yoga?!) and even Beer Yoga (the beer helps you to relax!). This provide an entertaining twist to your yoga workout, and definitely stands out from the crowd!

Clothing Trends

Vibrant prints on leggings, crop tops and baggy pants are stealing the show for 2018.

ToeSox are also becoming popular, giving you a hygienic (and warm!) barrier between your feet and the floor. More people are buying and using ToeSox to keep feet clean and warm.

The Future

Yoga will continue to grow in popularity throughout the next 12 months - with many looking towards the spiritual balance that it brings to even the most stressful of lives. Keep an eye out for yoga wheels to make yoga workouts even more fun and diverse!

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