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Watch FREE yoga workout videos online created by professional yoga instructors and yoga teachers in the UK. Learn about yoga poses, yoga teachers, yoga massage, yoga retreats and yoga styles. If you like what you see... take a look at their yoga class instructor profile pages full of information on classes, yoga news, yoga retreats and events.


Kate's All-Round Flow | LOOSEYoga
An all round flow for strength, flexibility and calmness


LOOSEYoga Teachers
LOOSEYOGA TEACHERS: Teachers at LOOSEYoga studios are just like you, they are not above you, they are same as you - human & trying to understand their place in this world. They found yoga, realised it's opportunity for self-enquiry & all-round health & so trained to be teachers. All the certificated teachers at LOOSEYoga are here to guide you, incidentally they are all rather lovely too! They suggest directions but ultimately you lead the way. We don't believe one yoga-method is better than the other, instead we make available as much of the teachings as we can & translate them as simply as we can between us, so that you can navigate your own journey, at whatever point you are in your life. Yoga One-to-Ones are perfect for those suffering with injuries or wishing to begin their practice in an intimate setting or who wish to study yoga in depth with their regular teacher.

Flow Tunbridge Wells

A SHORT FILM TO SHOW YOU HOW FLOW TUNBRIDGE WELLS IN KENT CAN HELP YOU MOVE, FEEL AND LIVE BETTER! We offer regular yoga classes suitable for beginners through to advanced practitioners. We also have a great line up of courses, workshops, trainings and yoga retreats. Get in touch!

Ebb & Flow Yoga Limited

Ebb&Flow Studio
Our heated studio, has scent soothing aromatherapy technology, fibre optic twilight lighting and in built sound system

Harrogate Yoga

About Amanda Latchmore
Amanda talks about her yoga journey and her teaching ethos.

Mary Ann Weeks Aveda

Woah Flow!
One of our gorgeous Mary Ann Weeks Aveda yoga teacher @sam_edwards_yoganix getting her yoga groove on in the #maw studio on #Guildford high street Check out Sams Monday lunch class and all yoga, meditation and pilates classes available in our gorgeous little boutique studio with all the luxury features you'd expect from the #Aveda brand Intro deal "The Namaste" just £30 for 3 classes All our friendly teachers look forward to welcoming you in Plus spa and hairdressing downstairs to really make you feel great inside and out!
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